As the weather starts to cool down here in Australia, I can safely say that HEATTECH begins to reign supreme as my go-to everyday layering wardrobe.

I’ve featured Uniqlo on the blog many a time, and it’s without a doubt unbeatable for it’s value and quality… particularly in the realm of HEATTECH.

When I travelled through New York, and Japan earlier in the year, every outfit featured a HEATTECH layer, or two. It travels extremely well (takes up no space in your luggage), and works a treat, even when you hit the minus temperatures, and as someone who absolutely feels the cold, this is unbeatable in keeping me warm, every time.

In this blog post, I’ve picked a handful of my favourite pieces from the range, including the denim leggings, and my absolute winter essential turtle neck long sleeve T-Shirts.


Uniqlo HEATTECH Fleece Turtle Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt [SHOP]

Uniqlo HEATTECH Denim Leggings Pants [SHOP]

Louis Vuitton Palm Spring Mini

Tony Bianco boots

Although HEATTECH's core purpose is worn as layers under clothing (think thermals),I can assure you they are that good, they can be worn on display as part of any winter outfit.

For me, the biggest selling point of this range, is that each style is thin yet incredible warm, so you can easily layer your look without bulking and warmth is guaranteed.

Produced in partnership with Uniqlo.