As the New Year kicks into full swing, I’ve committed to taking better care of my health and wellness. Part of this is trying to improve the condition of my skin, as I see glowing skin as the truest indicator of overall health. 

If you’ve been following my skin journey this year, you would have seen my recent pigmentation peel process, and now that this has kick-started things, the real work begins. It’s now all about creating a consistent and sustainable skin-care regime to maintain positively perfect skin. 

Last week, I had the opportunity of visiting my friends at SK-II, to experience their tailored Magic Ring Consultation. Essentially this process has been designed to analyse and evaluate your skin’s current health, and provides insight into your skin, beyond what can be seen by the naked eye – all that’s below-the-surface.  

The state of the art technology measures and evaluates your skin based on five key areas, including; 

- Texture refinement
- Firmness power
- Wrinkle resilience
- Spots control
- Radiance enhancement

The process starts by taking a quick photograph of the skin using the Magic Ring technology, which then evaluates your skin’s current condition, and any areas for improvement. Based on these results an SK-II skin care regime is recommended by the SK-II Beauty Consultant.

I was thrilled to see the results generated on the spot and my consultation was thorough and tailored to my specific needs (turns out, my skin’s hydration and radiance are areas of improvement). Following the analysis, I was taken through the SK-II products that would work best for my skin, and together with my skin advisor, we were able to develop a daily skin care regime from start to finish – taking out any guess work on my end.

What I liked best about this process, is that you’re not identifying a skin care program blind - I know that I’m often overwhelmed by the amount of products on the market and all of their generic promises - it can be difficult to identify exactly where to start. 

With the Magic Ring Consultation, you start with an analysis of YOUR skin, and from there, a solution is tailored to YOUR needs. It’s highly personalised, practical and best of all - it is a complimentary service offered by SK-II at all SK-II counters in Myer.

I also love that you have the time to sit down, one on one with an SK-II expert who can educate you on what products are best for you and how best to use them to maximise their results.  

The Magic Ring Consultation was simple and revealed a great insight into what’s going on below the surface of my skin. I look forward to sharing the results of my new tailored skin regime with you soon. 

In partnership with SK-II. For more about SK-II, visit their website [].