If you’re on the petite side (like me) there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when buying and styling fashion.

As a petite woman one of my biggest fashion frustrations is fit. Very rarely can I walk straight into a store or unpack an online delivery & immediately be able to wear it without sending it to alterations or ‘zhooshing’- manipulating the fit with belts, pins or other accessories.

That’s why as soon as a label releases a ‘petite specific’ ranged I’m absolutely thrilled to test it out.Recently I had a first look (and try) of the new season Forever New petites collection and here were my favourite styles.


Suiting is always a minefield when you’re on the petite side - it can go wrong so quickly you often run the risk of looking like you’re wearing as I put it ‘your mum’s work clothes’.

Fear not, this Forever New coordinate set is absolutely on point. The sleeve length and shoulders through the blazer sits perfectly and the high waisted cropped pant create the perfect illusion of length to the legs.

I always love a coordinate - so easy to wear blocked together or can be mixed and matched easily with other wardrobe staples. The baby blue is also a colour favourite of mine.

Another often tricky style to wear ‘straight off the rack’, but not with this ’Tulip Short Sleeve’ jumpsuit.

Again the length is absolutely perfect (no altering required) and importantly the seam under the bust sits in the perfect position (not too low) which is usually the case with regular sizing.

You absolutely can’t beat florals for spring/summer, and this dress is no exception. I absolutely adore the tired skirt, it’s perfect for twirling, and the flare sleeve with lace detailing adds a perfect feminine touch.

Finally, when it comes to dressing for petites, my top tip is to consider proportions. If you’re legs are on the shorter side, look for wardrobe pieces that ‘lengthen’ like cropped pants or mini skirts. If you have a smaller upper-body, think about accentuating your waist with belts, or look for sleeve details to create interest and chic silhouettes.

In partnership with Forever New.