And the winner is.....

Thank you to everyone who entered my fashion giveaway. A big congratulations goes to Coco, of Not So Naked, who has won a custom made dress from the fabulously talented Alice Wark.

vintage fashion @ Friend in Fashion
vintage fashion @ Friend in Fashion
vintage fashion @ Friend in Fashion
There is a story to these photos. I was leaving work, when I stumbled past this fabulous jacket in the window of my favourite vintage boutique - best of all I picked it up for only $10. I then headed home to find that my DSLR remote control had finally arrived. I was so excited to test it out, that I jumped straight in and out of the shower, threw on my beloved tube skirt, and snapped away (in the backyard, no makeup, and hair still wet!).

Also a big thankyou to June Paski, who sent an "Awesome Blogger" award my way. Here are 7 new things about me.

1. I play the piano and saxophone
2. I’m a huge foodie and love eating out at restaurants
3. I play tennis and was a state representative swimmer
4. I love to sing, but am terribly shy about it
5. I have a huge vintage dress collection
6. I love foreign and art house film
7. A dream of mine has been to travel the world (which will happen next year!)

I'd like to pass this award on to: Lulu Letty, Zanita, the Sydney Girl, Come Over to the Dark Side, KIRAFASHION and Style Sophisticate.