Today, I share with you my secret to healthy, nourished hair…

I colour my hair, a lot. I travel, I workout…my hair certainly does get it’s fair share of damage and destruction. Which is why, I’m thrilled to be able to share with you my healthy hair secret, Elvive Extraordinary Oil by L'Oreal.

My hair is regularly subjected to heat-styling, sun damage and over colouring, so naturally, I experience split and dry ends. I was first recommended to try Elvive Extraordinary Oil a few months ago by my hairdresser, and I began using the product after each wash, mainly as a heat-protectant before styling.

Almost immediately I started to notice results. My split ends and flyaways had reduced, and perhaps most importantly, my hair (especially the ends) felt much more soft and silky. Not to mentions, far less breakage when brushing my hair (added bonus!).

In the past, I have been put off using oil as a hair treatment, because it has left my hair feeling, well, oily, but surprisingly, Extraordinary Oil is such a light-weight, non-greasy product, you forget you’ve even got it on your hair.

I now use the product religiously after each wash, and also in between washes, when my dry ends need a little more tlc.

On my most recent trip to The Maldives, I found that coating my hair with the product, before a full day in the sun and surf really helped to nourish my hair. It proved an amazing protector against damage caused by the sun and chlorine.

So there you have it, my hair miracle in a bottle (I’m obsessed). Give it a try, I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. For more, visit

Hair by Brad Mullins
Makeup by Max Made

In partnership with L'Oreal.