The Santorini Skin Philosophy is simple.
Inspired by the salty seas of the Aegean, each Santorini Skin product is purposefully created to nourish the skin & stimulate the senses.

All natural, Australian made, nourishment for skin, body & mind, every product is enriched with 80+ mineral packed crystals rich in magnesium, calcium & potassium.

santorini skin - all natural, nourished skin

What first started as a personal journey to strip out chemicals and nasties from my daily skin routine, quickly led me on the journey to develop all natural, luxurious skin essentials that are good for you.

I've designed a range of skin essentials which strips away all of the chemicals, preservatives and parabens, embracing beautiful blends of naturally occurring ingredients which stimulate, nourish and rejuvenate.

Santorini Skin's foundation products are the Elysian Pink Crystal Sea Scrub, and the Aegean Pink Crystal Sea Soak, which not only leave your skin feeling amazing - they also look and smell divine!

I hope you love my skin range as much as I do.