When it comes to beauty treatments and skin care in Melbourne, there is only one name you need

turn to...

Liberty Belle


For me,

Liberty Belle

is everything a skin centre should be - private, peaceful, professional and not to mention ultra luxe.

I'm thrilled to be partnering with the team, to trial and share with you some of the most popular skin and beauty treatments.

First up, I was tempted to try out for myself a body treatment, known as Coolsculpting. I'll start by saying that in no way is this treatment a replacement for a well balanced diet and exercise, but I was intrigued by the promise of a quick, and pain-free treatment to shift stubborn pockets of fat. And lets be honest, who doesn't have a problem area here or there.

I am petite. I workout at least 3 times a week, and all in all eat pretty well, but if I am to ever store a bit of fat, it is always around my hip/thigh area. So I wanted to road test what Coolsculpting is all about.

The idea is that this treatment uses cooling to rid stubborn areas of fat that we can’t always remove through diet and exercise. It is non-invasive and there is no downtime. 

For me this treatment was a bit of an experiment, to see how it really stacked up. And now for my experience...

The treatment starts with a suction plate placed on the desired area. Initially there is a cold sensation which is a bit strange, but in no way painful. There is a bit of a tingle - almost like you're holding onto an ice-cube. While the treatment is being administered, you have time to rest and relax, I was treated to seasons of Sex and the City, while sipping chilled coconut water and reading Vogue (not a bad day in the office by any means).

Following about two hours of treatment, it's all over and I was ready to head back to work. For me, immediately following the treatment, the treated area felt a little numb and a tiny bit swollen, but nothing painful or dramatic. Slight numbness continued for about two weeks, but again nothing uncomfortable. All is now back to normal.

It's now been a few weeks following my treatment and I can honestly see a change in the shape of my treated area, which I'm thrilled with. In my experience, Coolsculpting was a great body treatment to try out - not as a miracle 'quick fix' weight loss option, but rather a little extra help for stubborn areas. It also acts as a fantastic motivator to continue working hard at the gym and eating better, as you want to maintain the great results. 

As always, the team at Liberty Belle, were absolutely fantastic, you're always guaranteed to be looked after well, and I can't recommend the team highly enough. If you're in Melbourne, and are looking for a full service offering skin care centre, then look no further.  

I can't wait to bring you my next review - next up, skin care, and how to maintain fresh, flawless skin.

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As I’m sure you would agree, the lead up to Christmas, with what to buy, where to shop, and who to buy for, can be overwhelming. With this in mind, I’m going to take you on a tour of some of my favourite places to shop when in Melbourne and share with you some of my top gift selections for the festive season. 

Follow me it’s time to


For me, my first (and only stop), when it comes to Chrissy shopping in Melbourne, is the City. And to make things easier, iconic Melbourne shopping destinations: Melbourne Central, Emporium Melbourne, QV Melbourne, The Strand Melbourne, Melbourne’s GPO, Myer and David Jones are joining forces to offer extended trade, free parking and more in the lead up to Christmas!

Each within walking distance of one another, you have your choice of Malls, Department Stores and boutiques (over 1000 in total), carrying most, if not all the brands that you desire.

To kick off the tour, we head to Emporium Melbourne, where my first stop is always Dion Lee. This is where you are guaranteed to find that extra special wardrobe addition for the fashionista in your life. My top pick's - Dion’s signature 3D filter jacket and leather biker jacket. Guaranteed to impress!

When in Emporium, I also like to swing by Kate Spade for some conversation-worthy statement accessories. This pom pom hat and Mr & Mrs clutch are gifts that will definitely be remembered. 

Next up, is The Strand Melbourne, and a must for lovers of bright, quirky and colourful, is Gorman. My top pick is this beautiful bright pink sweater and contrasting purple shades. The bold and beautiful socks, and accessories make for the perfect Kris Kringle / stocking fillers also.

Now it’s time for a quick recharge, with a coffee (or peppermint tea in my case) at my favourite little nook at the Melbourne's GPO – Federal Coffee Palace. If you’re in need of something a bit more substantial, I love Mama's Buoi for some tasty Vietnamese treats!

Then onto QV Melbourne, where one of my favourite boutiques, Incu offers all of the best brands from Acne to Isabel Marant. You can’t go past these Rag and Bone fedora’s for a great gift. A small hop across the lane and you also have Incu for men, to pick up something for the special men in your life. Republic Boutique is another great store for the gents, great street-wear and sneaker collections featuring Kenzo to Yeezy. 

Next up, on my  Shop The City tour is Melbourne Central.

Bul is great for women who appreciate more classic, minimalist design. I love this pinafore dress as a top pick.

For chocolate lovers, Kit Kat have a pop-up store which allows you to create and order your own, personalised Kit Kat creations (delicious!). And, for all the beauty and makeup lovers, a visit to Melbourne Central’s newest addition, Sephora is an absolute must. I wrapped up my action-packed day of shopping with a mini-makeover – there perfect way to end the day!

And finally, for the high-end designer lover, a visit to the major department stores -Myer or David Jones is always a good starting point. 

My top gift pick (from David Jones) are these incredible cuffs from Valentino – the Rock Stud sandals won’t go astray either. If Valentino isn’t to your taste, indulge in brands including Chloe, Proenza Schouler and Saint Laurent to name a few.

If you're having difficulty narrowing down your selection, head to Myer, who are offering a personal shopping service which will help you take the guess work out of choosing the perfection present.

If you stick to my itinerary when approaching the daunting task of Christmas shopping, you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone, all within walking distance of each other – best of all, you can knock off all of your Chrissy shopping in one hit, so never fear if you’ve left your shopping to the last minute. 

For more informationand retail trading hours, visit and join the conversation #Shopthecity.

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