As a fashion and travel blogger, style and technology go hand in hand.

When packing for a trip, I'm drawn to quality pieces that not only look great, but will also stand the test of time.

Here are a few of my travel essentials.


+ Comfy shoes - for all travel and transit well worn in flats are essential. At the moment, my Valentino rockstuds are on high rotation. Once I hit the street, a pair of classic black pumps take-over.

+ Travel bag - a great small cross body bag is another essential of mine. Chanel is my everyday go-to. I love a cross-body style when travelling because it is a more secure option and it also leaves your hands free for signing documents, handling cash, or importantly taking that perfect photo.

+ Sunglasses - a classic oversized style is a saviour after a 16hr flight, especially when your eyes are a little worse for wear. Prada cat eyes are my style of choice.


+ Quality headphones - these are a MUST for all flights and will not only help you enjoy your inflight entertainment in style, but they are essential for blocking out additional cabin noise. 

BOSE are my go-to headphones every time, I love their styling - they are sleek and compact (great space-savers when packing) AND best of all they are bluetooth compatible, which means I don't have to rely on cords or cables.

+ Laptop & Camera - I don't travel anywhere (even for a day), without my laptop and camera. I always shoot on a Nikon, and rotate between my DSLR and compact cameras depending on my destination and how long I'm away for.

+ Portable speaker - This BOSE SoundLink portable speaker is the newest addition to my carry on and I am in love! It's small and compact, which is extremely practical for travel, and, as with the headphones, these also operate via bluetooth.

I love that I can now take my tunes down to the beach or pool and the sound is absolutely incredible - perfect for an impromptu summer beach party.

What are your travel essentials?

I'm wearing: Bose headphones, Zara knit, Seven For All Mankind jeans, Jimmy Choo pumps, Chanel wallet on chain

In partnership with Bose.


Friend in Fashion guide to the Spring Racing Carnival on Friend in Fashion guide to the Spring Racing Carnival on Friend in Fashion guide to the Spring Racing Carnival on Friend in Fashion guide to the Spring Racing Carnival on Friend in Fashion guide to the Spring Racing Carnival on Friend in Fashion guide to the Spring Racing Carnival on Friend in Fashion guide to the Spring Racing Carnival on Friend in Fashion guide to the Spring Racing Carnival on
Peter Pilotto dress, Lady of Leisure Milinery | Roland Mouret dress, Lady of Leisure Milinery |
Chanel Wallet on Chain | Prada heels  

I’ll begin this post by declaring my love of any opportunity to dress up for an occasion.

The Spring Racing Carnival is in full swing in Melbourne, a time of year when the streets and courses are laden with elegantly dressed ladies and dapper gents.

It is this occasion; I felt it obligatory to share with you my guide to staying fabulously sophisticated this race season.


This is the time of year to go all out with your wardrobe selections – the opportunity to feature that one-wear statement dress. You know that dress that you fell in love with at first sight, but would never buy because it isn’t a practical wardrobe addition.

It is my opinion that the Spring Racing wardrobe philosophy should be IF YOU LIKE IT, DO IT: 'BECAUSE NO REASON'. Throw restraint out the window and experiment with beautiful prints and colour. Sure you may only wear the dress once, but you will turn heads, and that’s half the fun.

When it comes to your race wardrobe - BE BRAVE, BE BOLD.


Millinery, more than just an accessory when it comes to the races, and equally as important a decision as your fashion selections. The opportunity to express your own individual sense of style and attitude.

I love to accentuate and exaggerate the details of an outfit with my millinery selections. For example, if my outfit is all about a print, I love to feature complimentary colours in my headwear. Likewise if my outfit is all about bold colour, I opt for contrasting bold colours with my millinery.

My milliner of choice - LADY OF LEISURE.
My approach to millinery – BE ADVENTUROUS, BE DARING.


The right accessories will make or break your time at the races.

You’ll be on your feet most of the day, so it’s important to nurture what will be propping you up all day - party feet are always a must.

When it comes to your shoe of choice – I’d avoid wearing a pair of shoes that are straight out of the box. If you have purchased new shoes for the races (never a bad excuse for new shoes in my book), wear them around the house for as long as possible before you hit the racecourse – your feet will thank you!

Your bag selection is equally as important. MY TIP – opt for a clutch or purse that has a shoulder strap. This will ensure that your bag is attached to you all day (no risk of leaving it behind somewhere), and will also free up your hands for that glass of something special, or that selfie with your girlfriends.


The races are a great opportunity to celebrate, and naturally the beverage selection will be plentiful. A cocktail of  CHAMBORD AND CHAMPAGNE is my race-day drink of choice. It is on this note that I emphasise the importance of decorum at the races. Drink, have fun, but remember the importance of staying hydrated. This will ensure that your race-day fun is prolonged and you’ll remain as fresh as a daisy for the after party and the after, after party to follow.


Spring Racing is the perfect excuse to dress up, defy expectations and celebrate in style.




Bebe Crochet Dress on Friend in Fashion Bebe Crochet Dress on Friend in Fashion Bebe Crochet Dress on Friend in Fashion
 Bebe Sydney dress / Prada shades / Tony Bianco Shoes

As the story goes, on my last trip to Vancouver, I left my camera behind in my hotel room, as I, unknowingly jumped on a plane back to Australia. Luckily, the lovely staff at L'Hermitage, quickly contacted me, and arranged for the safe return of my Nikon.

The best part of being camera-less for the last few weeks - is being reunited with all of my holiday snaps and memories from LA, Palm Springs and of course, Cabo in Mexico, where the other half, kindly snapped these pics of my holiday favourite crochet dress.

I can't wait to share more of my West Coast adventure with you soon.