If you follow me on instagram @friendinfashion, you would have seen that recently, I’ve been able to transform my wardrobe, courtesy of an incredible new custom designed LED mirror by Clearlight Designs.

As a bit of background, I recently moved into my new home, and was lucky enough to have an entire room, dedicated for my wardrobe - amazing right! The only set back -the room is set in a space with no access to natural light, and very limited artificial light.

This dilemma lead me on a chase to try and find a suitable lighting solution, that would not only light up the room, by also compliment the room’s aesthetic.

On a business trip in Sydney, I was staying in a beautiful hotel, that had incredibly designed bathroom lighting. An oversized round vanity mirror that illuminated, the exact same way a makeup ring light does. The colour of the light was beautiful on the skin (not at all florescent or yellow), and illuminated the space perfectly. After much research, I discovered Clearlight Designs (take note of this name, you’ll thank me later) was behind the design.

Based out of Sydney, Clearlight Designs specialises in Australian made, high quality, custom made mirrors, and are the brand behind my newest wardrobe addition, which has single-handedly transformed this once dark space, into the perfectly (day)-lit room.

The process of having this custom mirror created was seamless. I sent across my size and design preferences, and in a matter of weeks, a meticulously crafted and packed LED mirror arrived on my doorstep. One note-worthy feature is that it comes with a wireless remote control, which allows you to control the brightness of the mirror, allowing me to switch between different lighting intensity.

Needless to say I’m absolutely thrilled with my new mirror, the quality is second to none, as is the design, and I honestly can’t recommend Clearlight Designs highly enough. You can pay them a visit at or via instagram at