One of the greatest benefits of blogging, for me, has to be the opportunity to meet and collaborate with incredibly talented individuals, across a wide range of disciplines. 

From designers, to photographers, and now to artists. I was first exposed to KATIE MCKINNON'S art through social media, and instantly fell in love, with her canvases sprawled with beautiful, bold colour. 

With something as personal and subjective as art, I was drawn to Katie's ability to capture exquisite marine-scapes in the most beautifully abstract fashion. 

I had to commission a work for myself from Katie, as her use of colour and reference to the sea, really captured my imagine, and love of tropical escapes. 

After connecting, Katie found inspiration for this piece from my own sense of style and wanderlust to create, what can only be described as magic!

Below are notes from the artist:

I was delighted to accept Jasmin's commission.

My abstract paintings are informed by underwater gardens, marine flora and fauna, and the infinite energy of underwater currents, a great fit with Jasmin's lifestyle and love of the ocean! When planning the palette and composition of Jasmin's painting, I referred to an edit of beautiful Friend in Fashion imagery. I wanted the work to be full of meaning and positivity, informed by Jasmin's travels to favourite destinations the Maldives, Bondi, Bali, and her love of fashion, form and colour. I also wanted to incorporate a sense of Jasmin and her partner's urban bayside home, as the painting will reflect the view, and so it was important to reference the movement of the water hitting the docks and the resulting sea spray.

In this piece, Katie has perfectly captured my love of the water, and introduced key elements from some of my favourite travel destinations. I'm truly blessed to welcome such an incredible creation into my home. I think the greatest gift you can receive or give is something that renders the human touch, so for me, this is not only a divine painting, but indeed a legacy item to treasure and keep for generations to come.

With sincere thanks Katie!

Special thanks also to my favourite art/coffee haunt, Lorimer Gallery and Katie Fergus for making this shoot happen.

I'm wearing, Zimmermann dress & Mode Collective heels.