There is something which draws me to big cities - I love the hustle and bustle, the sounds the sights and Hong Kong is no exception.

I've returned to Hong Kong for only my second visit and I feel even more in love with this cosmopolitan city. I'm working on a new passion project, that sees me experience some of the best sights, sounds, tastes and style my favourites cities have to offer in just 48 hours.

If you have any Hong Kong tips - please send them my way either via instagram / twitter @friendinfashion or EMAIL me. I'd love to include all your favourites as well!

I can't WAIT to share more of this, and all of my travel tips with you soon - be sure to stay tuned for more coming really soon.

The location was perfect - right in the heart of the action and only from Hong Kong's biggest shopping mall - Harbour City! Valentino and Balenciaga were at the top of my shopping list.

Much love to my amazing French makeup artist and photographer who spent a gorgeous balmy evening running around the streets of Hong Kong.


Last weekend I was treated by BMW Melbourne to the ultimate luxury weekend away in the beautiful, Victorian spa-town of Daylesford...

A short 45 minute drive from Melbourne, Daylesford is a gorgeous little country town, synonymous with pampering and luxury.

I had only been to Daylesford once before, on a very quick visit, and to be honest knew little more of this quaint destination.

My itinerary kicked off with a visit to the iconic Swiss-Italian farm, Lavandula. A stunning lavender farm a few minutes out of town. As you would imagine, the farm was stunning across all senses.

Next up, I checked into the très chic Hepburn at Hepburn luxury villas. Nestled in among the hills, this luxe accommodation was designed by award-winning architect David Edelman. A great place to stop and spend the night, the spa bath is truly extravagant and up there with one of the biggest I've ever seen.

Before not too long it was time for dinner, where I was treated to a beautiful degustation of local produce and wines from Daylesford culinary institution, Mercarto. The 'summer garden' starter of locally sourced garden treats was a highlight.

Sunday morning kicked off with a lazy long brunch, before shopping up a storm at the local antique market, where I walked away with some beautiful crystal goodies for the home.

To wrap up this exquisite weekend away, I was treated to a pamper session at Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa. The private pure mineral water bath, that the region is famous for, was just divine, which was followed by a one hour long massage for the perfect cherry on top.

As a traveller, it is easy to sometimes overlook experiences in your own backyard. I had an incredible time exploring Daylesford, and there is nothing better than jumping in a car for a short drive to experience what's on your own door-step.

The brand new BMW 318i M Sport, got me around town with ease and in style and was an absolute pleasure to drive.

A special thank you to BMW Melbourne for a truly luxurious and memorable escape.


2014 for me was a year filled with extreme highs, and extreme lows.

On the one had, I had the good fortune of travelling the world, and on the other, this was the year that I experienced my first significant loss.

Now more so than ever, am I aware of just how beautiful and volatile life can be. And it is for this reason, that the philosophy of, living each day to its fullest (as cliche as it sounds) underpins by being and existence.

 As my father would always say - be the kind of person who leaves a positive mark on the world.

 My goal for 2015 is to explore more of this incredible world and give back in which ever way I can. I will focus on my health and well-being.
I want to make the most of each day and make each day count.

I am thankful beyond words for the opportunities and experiences I've enjoyed and the people I've met along the way - who have each left their mark on my journey.

But most of all, I owe thanks to YOU, for reading this post and my blog.

For now, I choose to reflect on the positive, highlighting some of my favourite adventures of 2014. From walking the red carpet in LA, alongside Leonardo Di Caprio, to snorkelling the beautiful depths of the Maldives, to experiencing the most terrifying and exhilarating bungee jump off Auckland Bridge.

I leave you with the thought 'blessed are the curious for they shall have the adventures'.

Happy new year to all of my gorgeous readers, and here's to a prosperous 2015.

- Jasmin, your Friend in Fashion


Dear friends,

What do you get when you combine one of Australia's most recognisable models, with some of Australia's finest design talent and SHOPBOP? A fashion force to be reckoned with!

The other day this chic editorial, featuring the stunning 'Bambi Northwood-Blyth, graced the pages of Shopbop and Elle Magazine and immediately got me seeking out some new wardrobe purchases.

I'm a huge ambassador for Aussie design, and this editorial is testament to the immense talent and unique aesthetic Australian design contributes to the wider fashion community.

Here are my top 5, absolute favourite Aussie designers - which are yours?


Great weekend all,

Friend in Fashion