As I’m sure you would agree, the lead up to Christmas, with what to buy, where to shop, and who to buy for, can be overwhelming. With this in mind, I’m going to take you on a tour of some of my favourite places to shop when in Melbourne and share with you some of my top gift selections for the festive season. 

For me, my first (and only stop), when it comes to Chrissy shopping in Melbourne, is the City. And to make things easier, iconic Melbourne shopping destinations: Melbourne Central, Emporium Melbourne, QV Melbourne, The Strand Melbourne, Melbourne’s GPO, Myer and David Jones are joining forces to offer extended trade, free parking and more in the lead up to Christmas!

Each within walking distance of one another, you have your choice of Malls, Department Stores and boutiques (over 1000 in total), carrying most, if not all the brands that you desire.

To kick off the tour, we head to Emporium Melbourne, where my first stop is always Dion Lee. This is where you are guaranteed to find that extra special wardrobe addition for the fashionista in your life. My top pick's - Dion’s signature 3D filter jacket and leather biker jacket. Guaranteed to impress!

When in Emporium, I also like to swing by Kate Spade for some conversation-worthy statement accessories. This pom pom hat and Mr & Mrs clutch are gifts that will definitely be remembered. 

Next up, is The Strand Melbourne, and a must for lovers of bright, quirky and colourful, is Gorman. My top pick is this beautiful bright pink sweater and contrasting purple shades. The bold and beautiful socks, and accessories make for the perfect Kris Kringle / stocking fillers also.

Now it’s time for a quick recharge, with a coffee (or peppermint tea in my case) at my favourite little nook at the Melbourne's GPO – Federal Coffee Palace. If you’re in need of something a bit more substantial, I love Mama's Buoi for some tasty Vietnamese treats!

Then onto QV Melbourne, where one of my favourite boutiques, Incu offers all of the best brands from Acne to Isabel Marant. You can’t go past these Rag and Bone fedora’s for a great gift. A small hop across the lane and you also have Incu for men, to pick up something for the special men in your life. Republic Boutique is another great store for the gents, great street-wear and sneaker collections featuring Kenzo to Yeezy. 

Next up, on my Shop The City tour is Melbourne Central.
Bul is great for women who appreciate more classic, minimalist design. I love this pinafore dress as a top pick.
For chocolate lovers, Kit Kat have a pop-up store which allows you to create and order your own, personalised Kit Kat creations (delicious!). And, for all the beauty and makeup lovers, a visit to Melbourne Central’s newest addition, Sephora is an absolute must. I wrapped up my action-packed day of shopping with a mini-makeover – there perfect way to end the day!

And finally, for the high-end designer lover, a visit to the major department stores - Myer or David Jones is always a good starting point. 
My top gift pick (from David Jones) are these incredible cuffs from Valentino – the Rock Stud sandals won’t go astray either. If Valentino isn’t to your taste, indulge in brands including Chloe, Proenza Schouler and Saint Laurent to name a few.

If you're having difficulty narrowing down your selection, head to Myer, who are offering a personal shopping service which will help you take the guess work out of choosing the perfection present.

If you stick to my itinerary when approaching the daunting task of Christmas shopping, you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone, all within walking distance of each other – best of all, you can knock off all of your Chrissy shopping in one hit, so never fear if you’ve left your shopping to the last minute. 




Dear friends,

Yesterday, I was invited by Melbourne Central to check out their newest retail space, known as 'The Corner' - dedicated to urban fashion.

One of my favourite stores in this  precinct, is Co Op Surfection. Not only does the store have a great range of my usual brand go-tos: StyleStalker, Cassette Society, One Teaspoon and Sabre, but every time I visit, I uncover a new Aussie label, like The Astral Plane (pictured), who have some of the best pastel tees and shirts going around.

Whilst I was in-store, I took the opportunity to play dress-ups and share with you two of my favourite trends of the moment: mixing prints and pastels. How outrageous and fabulous are these yellow print jeans!

Next time you're in town, be sure to check out Melbourne Central and 'The Corner' - assignment or no assignment, hands down my favourite shopping 'mall' experience in Melbourne.

Friend in Fashion

P.S. Some of you have asked where my iphone case is from - it is UK brand Iconemesis, who collaborate with some of the best artists to create incredible case designs - enjoy!

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Shop Friend in Fashion
Fashion maxi dresses @ Shop Friend in Fashion
Fashion tunic @ Shop Friend in Fashion

Fashion maxi dress @ Shop Friend in Fashion

Shop Friend in Fashion

I write to you from Hong Kong airport, waiting for my next flight to Sydney.

As promised in my last post - here is a sneak peak at some of the new items available at Shop Friend in Fashion.

Can't wait to get home to see family and friends AND pick up four weeks of online purchases.

Have a great week.


Flower power

Womens Fashion @ Friend in Fashion
Womens Fashion @ Friend in Fashion
Womens Fashion @ Friend in Fashion
Womens Fashion @ Friend in Fashion
Womens Fashion @ Friend in Fashion
As mentioned in my last post, I picked up these great sandals and pretty floral dress from my favourite shopping spot in Hanoi, Hang Ngon, both for less than $20.

In addition to magnificent food, friendly people and a beautiful geography, Vietnam has some really good shopping, particularly if you know where to look. I’ve picked up so many of my now favourite pieces: shoes, dresses and accessories during my stay here, and fear that I’m going to be way over my luggage weight allowance.

I have only three more weeks left to enjoy Vietnam, before heading back to Australia for a week to visit friends and family and then I’m off to explore again! First on the itinerary: Singapore, Barcelona and Portugal.

I’m wearing:
Dress – Hang Ngon, Hanoi
Shoes – Hang Ngon, Hanoi
Vintage charms – Markets (New York)


Back to basics

women's fashion clothing accessories @ friendinfashion
women's fashion clothing accessories @ friendinfashion
women's fashion clothing accessories @ friendinfashion
This is a simple but striking outfit that exists in everyone’s wardrobe. Adding a graphic tee and a splash of colour adds interest and lifts the classic black and white.

My tip: transform a black and white base outfit by experimenting with different textures (leather, satin, metallics), prints and accessories.

Bandage me up

womens fashion bandage skirt@ friendinfashion
women's fashion bandage skirt@ friendinfashion
women's fashion bandage skirt@ friendinfashion
I picked up this great bandage skirt for a steal (A$10) and can’t stop wearing it. I like to team with ankle boots and a metallic clutch for a night out, or with a t-shirt and flats for something more casual.

My tip:
When styling the bandage look avoid pieces that are too tight. Although a figure hugging style, there is nothing worse than a ceased circulatory system. To avoid bulging in the wrong places, try the next size up, or layer your bandage skirt/dress over smoothing underwear.

Autumn hue

womens fashion trench coat @friendinfashion
womens fashion trench coat @friendinfashion
womens fashion trench coat @friendinfashionThe trench coat is a staple in any wardrobe. Teaming the trench with a sweetheart cut dress perfectly defines and compliments an hourglass figure, creating a bold, yet feminie look.

Photos: Sasha Pazeski:


Playful brights

fashion photography @ friendinfashion
fashion photography @ friendinfashion

fashion photography @ friendinfashion
Wearing bold, bright colours always brings a smile to my face and this has to be one of my favourite outfits. I love the contrast between the pink and green and how the black ties the whole outfit together.

Shoes: Nude, skirt: Ladakh, belt: lace trim - Lincraft, tank: Supre.

Photos: Sasha Pazeski:


Power Dressing

"Dress sharply and they notice the dress. Dress impeccably and they notice the woman" – Coco Chanel

80's fashion dressing @ friendinfashion
80's fashion dressing @ friendinfashion

80's fashion dressing @ friendinfashionPower dressing is back, sprawled across magazines and catwalks alike - the reintroduction of shoulder pads, suiting and bold colours. Power dressing is a style of clothing intended to convey the impression of assertiveness, confidence and competence.

Prim and proper

A favourite look of mine at the moment is tailored and feminine dressing. Outfits that radiate femininity and elegance are classic, suit every body shape and are simple to achieve.

vintage womens fashion @ friendinfashion
My tip: Look for clothes that highlight your figure - think pencil skirts, detailed blouses and cropped cardigans. Define waists and accentuate curves.

vintage womens fashion @ friendinfashion
The key to mastering this look is in the finer detail and accessories are a must. Keep an eye out for pearls, lace, brooches, flowers, gloves, ruffles and skinny belts.

vintage womens fashion @ friendinfashion
Thanks to my gorgeous model and the talented Sasha Pasezki. You can find more of his work at:


Featured photographer: Sasha Pazeski

fashion photography @ friendinfashion
Last weekend I was lucky enough to work with the fabulously talented Sasha Pazeski.

For this shoot I decided to head outdoors to demonstrate some key looks and trends. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting our collaboration.

Sasha is a fabulous photographer and an even nicer guy. I would encourage all fans of beautiful photography and great talent to check out his work at:

Ways to wear: Stretch cotton dress

This is another of Alice Wark’s designs.
A simple stretch cotton dress is a great versatile addition to any wardrobe.

ways to wear women's fashion clothing @ friendinfashion
Here I demonstrate just a handful of different ways you can experiment with the one design to create a range of different outfits easily and inexpensively.

My tip: Be creative, but stick to styles that compliment your body shape and always dress to accentuate your good points. For example if your problem area is your legs, try a fitted style up top and a fuller/flared skirt.

A simple style dress like this also looks great with accessories so why not try creating new looks by adding different belts, jewellery, bags and shoes.


Featured designer: Alice Wark

A friend of mine put me on to the super talented local designer, Alice Wark.

This is just a sample of Alice's designs. I am loving her 60's and 70's inspired print maxi dresses. A very feminine cut, gorgeous colours and superbly priced at A$80.

These make for great summer dresses - simply add flip flops and your favourite accessories. The maxi dress also works just as well in the cooler months - layer over a fitted skivvy or team with a leather bomber jacket (Ways to wear: Leather jacket), add some tights, boots and shorten the hemline by adding a belt - perfect!

If you would like more information about Alice check out her Etsy site.
If you are an up-and-coming designer that would like to be featured, PM me.


Ways to wear: Leather jacket

In keeping with my last post, I thought it would be helpful to demonstrate ways to wear the leather jacket.

ways to wear leather jacket @ friendinfashionHere are just a few ways I’ve styled my friend’s leather jacket.

My tip: Add feminine touches to the leather jacket for a polished and pretty look. Team the jacket with pastels or floral prints and experiment with different sleeve lengths.

Alternatively add a denim mini, tights and ankle boots to achieve a rock inspired look.


Pick of the week: Leather jacket

The trusty leather jacket is always a fashion statement and a piece that you will get a lot of wear out of. So for this week’s pick of the week I’ve tried to track down the best online leather buys.

women's fashion leather jacket @ friendinfashionMy tip: Keep an eye out at local thrift shops and markets for your leather jacket. Not only will you save significantly – you will also have a truly unique vintage piece.

Faux leather is also another more affordable option. Many stores now feature some good quality faux leather alternatives which will not only save you money, but also offer a ‘greener’ buying choice.

If you are searching for a leather jacket that won’t date as quickly, stick to a simple design and colour. If you are shopping for a jacket to last you only a couple of seasons, you can afford to pick up pieces with interesting details like ruffles or fringing.


1. Miss Selfridge: (International delivery)
2. Lipsy: (International delivery)
3. Lipsy: (International delivery)
4. River Island: (UK delivery)
5. Topshop: (International delivery)
6. Miss Selfridge: (International delivery)
7. Topshop: (International delivery)


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Ways to wear: Asymmetrical dress

This is a great dress that my friend picked up for only A$60. It is a very basic stretch cotton fabric, but the asymmetrical cut and neon colour makes it a real show stopper.

When I visited her last, she asked me to show her some of the different ways to wear it.

ways to wear women's fashion clothing @ friendinfashionways to wear women's fashion clothing @ friendinfashion
Here I demonstrate just a handful of different looks using the one A$60 dress. You could just as easily wear it as a shirt under suiting, or add a cardigan and boots to create the perfect winter look.

My tip: when styling your outfits, don't be constricted to what the item of clothing is 'meant' to be i.e. if you buy a dress, why not try wearing it as a skirt, or a tunic. Experiment with different lengths and accessories – the only limit is your imagination.

Basic cotton dresses like this one are a great addition to any wardrobe. They are inexpensive, comfortable and can be worn so many different ways.


Pick of the week: 80's denim

Stumbled across this great 80’s inspired denim skirt for this week’s pick of the week.

Because the skirt is such a statement piece, I’ve balanced the rest of the outfit with basics - black vest and white t-shirt. This combination of red, black and white creates a bold look that comes in at just under A$140.

Stockists/ photos:
Rubi Shoes
Mink Pink

Ways to wear: The chunky knit

Dilemma: I love this knit, but I only ever wear it one way.

Mission: to create simple and versatile outfits that can be thrown together quickly, using existing wardrobe items.

My friend is a uni student, so she looks for outfits that are both casual and easy to put together. I have created a range of different looks for her, simply by accessorising and teaming the knit with some wardrobe staples.

My tip: stock your wardrobe full of scarves and leggings. This allows you to easily and inexpensively transform your outfits to create new and different looks that can be worn all year round.


Wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear.

I hear it so often from my friends – I have a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear! That is why I’ve decided to feature a segment on my blog called none other than: ways to wear.

This is where I will demonstrate different and simple ways to style some of your favourite wardrobe items. I hope that you can use these posts as inspiration to pull out that old summer dress or favourite winter cardigan that you loved but just didn’t know what to do with.

The best thing about finding new ways to style what’s already in your wardrobe is that you save money, and benefit from having a range of new outfits to wear.

So stay tuned.